Getting Going

In 2008 I compiled this sheet of quotes and advice from people I admired or respected on the internet, bloggers, designers, freelancers. I called it tips for getting going and used it as the key note for my contribution towards Oxfordshire Youth Arts Partnership Trusts new programme for young creative leaders called ‘Stepping Up’ it […]

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Feeling Failure

Children only deserve teachers who care, not teachers who get the right results by the wrong means. I continue to assert that our Secretary for Education should be allowed little or no say in how children are taught in our schools and that an Educationalist, who is constantly working in schools should be put in […]

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The Joy of Tents

“You want to talk Camping!” I hear you cry, “in this weather?”. Well, Yes! You see I’ve just been to Camping World to look at tents, which to the initiated, in the ‘camping world’ is something of a treat. So many tents, so little time… you can tweak the guy ropes, zip and unzip the […]

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