On the Slopes pt 1.

A Ski holiday can be great fun, there is something about snow that makes it so enticing. I know people who love it so much they go for weekend ski trips. The ski schools work especially hard. I met the lovely Ursula in Villars this year, she was ski-ing with her son and grandchildren and we passed a lovely trip up the mountain on the train discussing history and the battle of Hastings. It’s a very sociable activity and there’s something about a steaming hot chocolate, squinting into the sun and the crunch of snow that makes it all quite magical. The downside is working out the ski routes, ski passes and weather conditions (ie will conditions be best in the morning – probably) also trudging distances in your ski-boots and carrying the other kit… which is why unless you go with someone who knows the ropes it’s easier to bite the bullet and pay for an all in package. If you’re a non ski-er getting around the mountain is easier in summer (frankly) but there are usually some walking routes open (and snow shoe hire) or you can just chill with a hot chocolate admiring the views or explore the mountains and lower slopes by car (provided you’re confident driving twisty, turning mountain roads) the views are always breathtaking. We spent two days in cloud cover and even that was atmospheric, evoking lots of ’70s movie memories.