In flight

We’ve been getting to the beach quite a bit. The micro-cosm of all life that flocks to the sea is particularly addictive to watch in the spring; when the first strong sun arrives and people and wildlife, all gather at the shores edge to pick among the bones of winter and let the ionised, salty […]

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The Lost Treasure

We all treasure different things…. from people to possessions, to memories and experiences. About three summers ago whilst camping at Bolberry House Farm in South Devon with friends, my youngest daughter made friends with Georgia and Anna two tents along and one afternoon after a hot day on the beach we created an art gallery […]

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Whitstable – here now

England is at its eccentric best on May Day, all the quirky ancient traditions such as  ‘Pat-a-Lamb’ and the Cuckoo Fairs, Heritage Re-enactments and Morris Dance Parades emerge in colourful, frolicsome joy to prance gleefully about and remind us of our connection to the land, the woods, the trees, the fields.  So it was perhaps […]

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