Housing Blight II

Since posting my tentative exploration of Housing Blight – a phenomena that i thought many people would be unable to relate to; mostly because it’s hard to appreciate why new housing can be a blight on the community it’s imposed on, unless it has happened, or is happening to you, I have been inundated with […]

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Housing Blight

I live in a historic City, well I live just outside it in a rural hamlet with no local amenities other than street lighting. If I were to write this piece next year I would have to say I live just outside the city in a once rural, now urbanised suburb. Over the past twenty […]

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Wimbledon 2013

Mr B. and miniartsmonkey are members of a local Tennis Club and play there in the open air every week in term time; light rain, pre-snow, winter gloom or sunny shine. This is all due to an inspirational coach at the club – Mihaly Burkhur, who has nutured a love of the game and a […]

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How to leave London

Originally posted on Playground Etiquette:
Whitstable beach in Kent, England, UK. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I’m a Londoner, born and bred. Conceived and born within the sound of Bow bells, I know it’s because I’m a Londoner that I love it so. And to the annoyance of my regional friends, I subscribe to the, admittedly dubious,…

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day tripper

Spent a rather marvellous day at the Science Museum, no queues to get in (queueing around the block at the Natural History Museum) although there were queues to get into the Google sponsored Web Lab and the Launchpad. We arrived in time to hear some excellent and enthusiastic storytelling on flight and the history of […]

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It’s been a long time since I travelled by National Express before, in fact, the Divine Comedy wrote the song. Anyway, eldests pen pal from France has been over via Eurolines and so, yesterday found us at Victoria Coach station waiting for the 11pm to Lille. Having passed all the ice-cream statuettes that the ‘eldest’ assured me […]

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