I wonder if sometime soon someone will (or perhaps, already has) write a book called the Art of Marching ? There is something quite hypnotics about parades that feature people marching in large groups See the full gallery on Posterous     #end

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Lovely parade this year as Salisbury Carnival avoided the rain, as local community groups supported by local businesses entertained the crowds

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Paris à pied, la troisième partie

  Day Three:   The most fantastic breakfast in the Hotel, with my own elegant, large teapot for a nice cup or two, or three of earl grey tea plus charcuterie, pastries, delicious tarts – a Sunday ‘petit dejeunner’ that would  set you up ‘til tea-time and possibly beyond.    We trekked through the Forum […]

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dans les rues de Paris II

The streets and alleys of Paris are full of intreague, interest. Buildings heaving with architectural details, grand eloquence and quirky humour.  Cafes saying come in, eat, drink, talk a while, wide tree-lined boulevards and lofty arches drawing your eye further on, as if to say – keep going, there’s more around the corner. An old […]

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