I’ve Been To A Marvellous Party…

  Actually, it wasn’t a party it was a funeral in celebration and remembrance of the Artist Jemma De Vere Cole aka Jemma Dorella Tetley, an altogether heart achingly beautiful and deeply sad affair which reflected the life of a wonderful, funny, passionate and loving woman whose own life touched the lives of so many […]

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‘Those things which must be added’ Yesterday, I attended the funeral of Dene Turner at Salisbury Cathedral, there was not a seat in the entire Cathedral, left empty. We sat in the North Transept amongst a vast swathe of Scout Leaders who had all taken the afternoon off to ‘celebrate’ Dene’s life, his contribution to […]

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Our man in *Theatre*

I have an old friend who moved to America, married, had a daughter and earns a living as an actor over there (although secretly, he wants to dig old and interesting things out of the earth which is why he was known affectionately as *bones* in his youth). Today I was at the funeral of […]

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Just keep Dancing

I have been reminded recently of the importance of  *dancing* figuratively, metaphorically, literally any which way you roll.  I was at the funeral of ‘Roz Hope’ the inimitable mother of an old friend and never a more upbeat, positive, moving occasion have I been a part of. The over-riding theme being to live life, it will […]

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