The Only Way is Down

The Only Way is Down. Some gentle wisdom and kindness and post-UK-General-Election rational thinking here


Listen today: our debate, our questions

38 Degrees

At 1pm today, the Guardian website will be hosting our live election debate between the three manifesto-writers for Labour, Liberal Democrat and the Conservative parties.

Over 10,000 of us voted on the questions we should ask . 38 Degrees members will be putting our questions directly to Ed Miliband (Labour), Danny Alexander (Liberal Democrats) and Jeremy Hunt (Conservative). The rest of us will be able to commment and discuss their answers live through the Guardian website.

Join in and have your say during the Guardian debate at 1pm today, by clicking here:

Our debate today won’t follow the same rules as the television debates. The questions have been written and chosen by us. Throughout the debate, you can have your say on Twitter by using the #g38live hashtag, or through the comments feed on Guardian website.

We’ve chosen these questions together. Today we’ll be working together to make sure the politicians answer them. That should help us make informed choices about who to vote for. It will also mean that whoever wins this election, they’ll know that there are thousands and thousands of us, we won’t settle for spin, and we’ll work together to hold them to their promises.

Join the debate today and hear politicians answer the questions we’ve chosen together:

Thanks for being involved,

Hannah, David, Johnny, Nina, and the 38 Degrees Team

P.S. you can see the results of the vote on the questions here:

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It’s not over til the fat lady sings…

“It’s the day when no-one must flinch”

  1. James Naughtie

    In my waking consciousness yesterday I heard James Naughtie talking to Carter Wren, Republican consultant on Radio 4s Today Programme:

    “This is a story about Obama”…”The otherness of Obama, not just a matter of colour”…”this man has made history just by him participating in the election”, “…this man has generated such thunder, certainly… it has made so many Americans think”

    What leapt out at me was Carter Wrens comment in response to James Naughties question “it is often said in this country [America] the generation of under 35 of white americans are largely colour blind, do you think that’s true?”

    “Nah. Race like original sin, it’s just with us and when we start telling ourselves we’ve cured it, or gotten beyond it or healed it, it’s probably an illusion.”

    “When I look at John McCain, I understand John McCain, I understand his background, I identify with him. When someone my age [53] looks at Barack Obama, whether we like him or not, and I found a lot to like but I don’t understand his story. I don’t understand his background so there’s a natural tendency for me to vote for the man I’m more comfortable with. I think that’s how race plays into this”. Carter Wren

    then later, again on Obama – “he suits the moment, his articulateness, his unflappability”.

    and finally JN notes how for Ray Nelson of Florida that ‘this is the break with the past that he thought might never come’.

    I don’t know what tomorrow may bring, history for most people has already been made. Will America welcome in Barack Obama as the new President of the United States? I can’t pretend it doesn’t matter to me, because it does. The ripples from across ‘the atlantic pond’ will effect us little ‘ole UK islanders as profoundly as the result of the US presidential elections will effect Americans. So here I am, listening out for the Fat Lady to see if I recognise the song because it’s time for change.