The Beckoning Part Two

The continuous whine of sirens pass as the neighbours fence creaks in protest, an early morning breeze nudging it into wakefulness…

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Housing Blight

I live in a historic City, well I live just outside it in a rural hamlet with no local amenities other than street lighting. If I were to write this piece next year I would have to say I live just outside the city in a once rural, now urbanised suburb. Over the past twenty […]

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Montreux in the rain

See the full gallery on Posterous See the full gallery on Posterous April 2012: A brief sortie through Montreux in the rain and onwards towards Lausanne following the shores of Lac Leman. As the clouds lowered low and heavy, it was all very film noir-esque. Now I must go back and see it all again! […]

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