A New Year

A grey dawn today, rises to the orchestral swell Of wind, strings and distant percussion. There were fireworks in the village and the pub Heaved with cheers and back-slapping, full of celebration. Relieved from Crimbo limbo Morris dancers skipped down the lane In folksy eccentricity. Grizzling rain. He carries you with him from old year […]

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Christmas re-visited

I hope you don’t mind but it’s time to refresh some old Chritsmas favourites this is a link to a Christmas poem “Christmas Rushing in… on tumblr:  https://poets-corner.tumblr.com/post/68869693622/christmas-rushing-in/ and this is about one of my favourite Christmas poetry books ‘Light Unlocked’ https://artsmonkey.wordpress.com/2008/12/05/december-05-light-unlocked/ and this…. http://poets-corner.tumblr.com/post/14636295863/christmas-poem – Merry Christmas everyone – let it be about kindness […]

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Gold, Frankincense and Mryhh…

          There are such riches in our English woodlands. This is such a wonderful time of year to go to the woods, with a good pair of wellies and a warm waterproof coat, you can walk the way of Kings and discover such treasure.   Standing under a shower of falling leaves as the wind shakes the […]

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Christmas Poem

Its late. The sea is swilling, dully flat against the harbour wall Even the clinking sail boat masts have lost enthusiasm The drapes more flail than flap, the Christmas lights In the morosely quiet marina, weak and helpless Against the grey chill of winter. People are huddled in the bars and restauraunts, Groping their iphones […]

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For Dan, who asked so nicely

Dan doesn’t do twitter or posterous, he’s a facebook man through and through (Oh Dan!) but this is for him really. A CHRISTMAS ROAD MOVIE IN WALES posterous links   Day 1. http://www.artsmonkey.com/welsh-christmas-road-movie                           Day 2. http://www.artsmonkey.com/welsh-christmas-road-movie-day2               Day 3. http://www.artsmonkey.com/a-christmas-road-movie-in-wales-day3          Day 4. http://www.artsmonkey.com/35239998   […]

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Driving Home at Christmas

In awe I braked and wound the window down, A competition of council houses Flashing gaudily in the crisp night air And three bicycles parked alongside the low front hedge Indicating visitors along this country lane. An approaching land rover rolled to a halt a man and his collie poked their heads out to absorb […]

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