About Artsmonkey

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project management, consultancy,
training and creative support in the Arts

on twitter: @Artsmonkey1 @cultureactive


Find me at: Artsmonkey… Culture Active…

active in the promotion, delivery and development of cultural projects and ideas, 
with a specialism in youth arts and theatre arts also a bit of a social media diva and photog

Artsmonkey is a creative producer/consultant/social media artist/blogger and founder member of Firestarter Arts a social enterpise/community interest company based in South Wiltshire managing The Unit and related events and projects. The Unit is an empty shop takeover, youth promotions and cultural activism space.

Like “the monkey on your shoulder” Artsmonkey works across the South and beyond working with young people and creative organisations to promote, embed and enhance creative provision.

Training Author:


Creative Kitchen

Informal creative sessions for foster carers, social workers and relevant managers to explore Why Creativity is beneficial for young people and how it can help improve emotional and mental wellbeing and self esteem for Creativity4Health http://www.creativity4health.com

Making It Work

A day spent looking at the nitty gritty of being a freelancer from tax, to branding, IP and social media for young creatives looking to formalise their creativity and earn a living from it. Delivered in association with OYAP as part of their Young Creative Leaders Programme.


Refresh and Revive

A one day creative re-visit for arts practitioners, in association with Ruth L Jones Ltd.


Artsplan training courses including Working in Partnership, Get Sorted 3 and 3.5, Creative Facilitation (with Rosy Prue) and Creative Approaches.


6 thoughts on “About Artsmonkey”

  1. Thanks for the comment on WWDS. As a ‘intra-prenuer’ myself, I can appreciate the plight of my fellow creative.

    You do lovely work, are you across the pond in the UK? How’s the weather over there this time of year?


  2. Thank you Mike, very kind of you to say so. I have huge admiration for people with the patience to teach people how to drive hope business is going well for you this year.

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