Why this new Anglo-Scottish family will be voting YES

A balanced and heartfelt blog about the Scottish #Indyref. Well worth a read

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During the independence debate we have heard from some political commentators, such as Jeremy Paxman, that the steady rise in support for a yes vote represents a surge in anti-English sentiment. It’s one of the arguments I have found hardest to swallow, since it clashes with what we as an English family living in Scotland have experienced here, and what I have learned in my work as a freelance journalist and community media activist.

My partner and I have lived in Edinburgh for 15 years, and regard it very much as home. Like many we came for university, but stayed because of a love for the country. For us, it was a mix of complex factors that made it feel right as a home. Not just the cultural richness of the city and the beauty of The Highlands and Islands, but also the political and social fabric of the place…

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