Talking of journeys, if you’re into Education and internet learning have a longer meander through the whole story via Maurice Barry’s recant of Distance learning in NL it’s very interesting, thanks Maurice for bothering to record it

Not Banjaxed...Yet

In 1998 a partnership effort between the Vista School District, STEM~Net, Memorial’s Education Faculty and Industry Canada, led by Wilbert Boone, resulted in a new, Internet based distance education program we dubbed ‘The Vista Project.’ This pilot, for the first time, merged the synchronous expertise that had been gained from the province’s Distance Education program with the Internet tools and expertise that STEM~Net had amassed. The result was four Internet based AP courses that were piloted in the Vista School district in the 1998-99 school year.

It was a pilot and, in education, we have very good reasons for piloting:  specifically we—well most of us—have learned that, despite our best planning and resourcing, new course curricula and implementations need adjustments in order to get them right. This project—at least in my case—was no exception. Despite being an experienced distance educator I learned quite a few new lessons. Here…

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