Greater Worthing

P1020273As councillors consider creating a ‘Greater Brighton’ they should remember that sometimes, the truth is found in old sayings. And the traditional Sussex rhyme has a real truth in it when it says ‘Sussex will be Sussex, and Sussex wunt be druv’.

Buried under the suburbanisation that has crept south from London in the last 50 years is a beautiful landscape, a regional dialect, a long history and at the heart of the county, a people that won’t be pushed around. That’s a truth that has been passed down through my family, every one of them a ‘useful man’ as the county song says. From a shepherd at Broadwater, to a shopkeeper in Worthing, to a St John Ambulance driver, to a schoolteacher in Goring, and now me. We won’t be pushed around – as we say in the local dialect, we won’t be druv. Neither would King Canute, who…

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