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It hasn’t been easy getting here and it’s getting harder to go on. You might read this and think ‘that’s the same for everyone at the moment, isn’t it?’ Well yes, but you can help us right now by voting for us with the Lloyds TSB Community Fund, if we are chosen (if enough people vote for us) we will win £5,000 which would be a considerable help in keeping us going this year.

If you are in the mood to do some good today then all you have to do is click on the link here

and vote by registering your email (nothing shady here but they will send you an email to check that you’re real and ask you to verify by clicking the link within the email which takes you back to their community fund page and very nicely says thank you). It takes two minutes of your time – ‘one and a bit’ to vote and twenty seconds to verify and perhaps give us a shout to your friends and colleagues via the facebook or twitter link – the more the merrier!

OR YOU CAN TEXT     ‘VOTE SP4’  to   61119 (normal text charge)

We don’t pay a marketing manager, so the only way to reach enough people is to ask you to help us do that. You might never have been to The Unit (or even to Salisbury) you may simply have watched us on twitter or via facebook or checked out our website.

The ‘why bother?’ and the emotional stuff!

All we can say is we’re all very proud of what we do at the Unit, that’s why we’re still doing it, despite the challenges and despite the temptation to walk away and let it be someone else’s problem… you only have to look in the window of our tiny little shop on the corner of Endless Street. You might find Heather is running the young reviewers club, a gardening club, or the crafty clubs; tye-dye, bunting, yarn bombing (that’s knitting essentially) etc., or you might find Kevin and ‘Unit Records’ are helping to plan a gig or the Salisbury ‘Hip-Hop’ revolution or Tim is encouraging a group of young people to sketch ideas on the walls or Lucy is helping the team organise one of our pop-up café meets. You might find the Mayor or the community police have popped in or someone from the local theatre/festival/paper/arts centre is running a session or you might just find Keith or Fergie having a chat and doing a lot of listening, or Ruth pulling out another grey hair and laughing a lot as she types (or talks) furiously away. Never has one small corner shop seen so many different things happen and of course we do a lot of things beyond Endless Street – because that’s what the young people who steer our project want, a little bit of help to make something happen that isn’t – for someone to say, ‘Yes! Great idea I wonder what we’d need…?’

We’re not going to ‘knock’ the competition in our ‘community cluster’, we are all very worthy causes and although it’s a small pot of money we’d all make it stretch a long, long way but please do vote – preferably for The Unit ;0)

Philanthropic Millionaires apply here!

Or if you’re in a position to do more than just vote for us to win 5k see our website or email us at

All of us at the Unit, from the young people who walk in the door to the rest of us who run to keep up – thank you very much!


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