Chichester Festival Theatre

Grandparents took youngest to see ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ courtesy of Chichester Festival Youth Theatre – they hadn’t realised it was a youth theatre production, unaccustomed as they are to seeing youth theatre productions on main stage’s. Youngest loved it, and the cossies we saw pass by, as we waited to meet them afterwards in the foyer ,all looked very good but apparently the first half was confusing for the adults;0)

We then had supper in the theatres terrace restaurant and admired the fact that the children’s menu was specially produced as an evacuees’ menu and that the meal arrived in a brown paper bag (inside of which was a plastic container containing the food = health & safety ruins everything doesn’t it!).

It was fun, sometimes the best theatre trips are the ones where you don’t actually see the show!


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