Don’t be shy now…

This is my first foray into the world of blogging and I’m already filled with trepidation having barely begun. As you might glean, I’m not the most avid user of internet social networks – the delights of myspace, bebo, msn messenger having passed me by completely in my schooldays before I finally succumbed to the pull of facebook several years down the line…

Cue training with Juliet Brain on ‘Making It Work’ as a self-employed artist and it seems the recurring theme of the day is social networking in a professional capacity…aargh! So here I am taking my first cautious steps (albeit under duress) into new online territory and contemplating the somewhat abhorrent idea that my New Year’s Resolution should see me engaging in online networking and going as far as, dare I say it…joining twitter.

Ok, so taking a deep breath – having made it this far unscathed – I should probably get round to introducing myself:



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