Driving Home at Christmas

In awe I braked and wound the window down,

A competition of council houses

Flashing gaudily in the crisp night air

And three bicycles parked alongside the low front hedge

Indicating visitors along this country lane.

An approaching land rover rolled to a halt

a man and his collie poked their heads out to absorb the

Glowing spectacular, the sound of local radio clattering

Inharmoniously in the winter night.

Behind us, the shadows of cows at the wire fence, steamed patiently

and time stood still, mometarily, before

a peal of far flung bells broke out and rain began

To drizzle upon the scene.

Stabbing the wiper button, I drove on down the hill

Missing both the man on the shiny silver motorbike,

Who came skidding to a halt as if late for supper,

and the light flicking on at the window, to a baby’s first cry.

©JBrain, 2011


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