Turner Contemporary – a visit

interpretation, or maybe the concept of ‘Nothing in the World but Youth’ got lost in the focus of getting the gallery up and running but somehow there was a more adult voice present in the galleries and it felt like a long way to travel for such confusion. But it wont stop me returning, and all I can say is, if you’re travelling to Margate take some time to sit and watch the light dance on the sea and explore Margate and see it for what it is. Margate is a salutory lesson for us all, a once vibrant seaside town where people went to laugh and dance and play on the sands, home of ‘Dreamland’. a place where the Rolling Stones had the red carpet rolled out for them in the local guest houses and Clubs and actors swarmed to perform in its theatre venues for summer seasons. Drink it in, the juxtaposition of the Turner Contemporary hulking by the harbour and the decay and decline of a town that should be a jewel in the crown of our seaside resorts but isn’t. I’m not sure the TC can solely bring about a revival but it’s a start.


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