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Salisbury Re-vision

Tuesday October 18th,

Salisbury Arts Centre 6 – 8pm 

One of the many projects that we currently have running at The Unit is ‘Re-vision’ led by professional architect Tim Scrace of Genisis Design Studio it grew out of our ‘You Rule’ competition where we asked young people in Salisbury and surrounding district to say what they would change, if they were ruler of their postcode for a day. Re-vision began with the aim of:

Complex answer: Helping young people explore their environment and use simple architectural tools to express their thoughts about their vision for where they live – what dreams and ideas they have for how the place where they live should look, function, feel like, to be in

Simple answer: Encourage young people to take a more enthusiastic part in democracy by feeling confident enough to have their say about the future of their homes/communities and feeling confident that it will be listened to and taken note of – at the same time, having fun and getting creative.

It just so happened that locally a project was developing called the Salisbury Vision with the aim of (in rough terms) regenerating areas of Salisbury to attract more commerce and revitalise its appeal to visitors and tourists and create a robust Salisbury that is ‘future-fit’.The Director of the Vision team, Richard Walters came to meet with us alongside Scott Anderson from the South Wiltshire Economic Partnership, Economic Devlopment Team -they have been supporting        Re-vision ever since and have attended events and drop-ins, keen to get a sense of what young people hope for and need for a ‘Salisbury of the future’ and to give an insight into the realities of envisioning those ideas! In turn this has led to the shaping of an event in partnership with the Education and Outreach team at Salisbury Arts Centre.

It’s been quite a journey, from grassing over the market square and exploring the practicalities of see-through toilets and bus-stops with swings nots seats, to building a ‘Barclaycard Ad’ type chute around the Cathedral spire and across its green and prototypes for a ‘super youth hub’ with fish-tanks and chill out rooms, a roof-top cafe, climbing wall…. oh there’s a long list.

Young people who have been involved with Re-vision have come up with some playful and inspired ideas for building design and best use of urban spaces and at our event on October 18th we have linked up with artist and Director of Creative Ecology, James Aldridge who continues the sense of playfulness as he invites those present to help him ‘build a den’ (yes really!) in the main performance space of the Arts Centre whilst the re-vision team invite you to ‘google sketch’ your ideas or use the concept wall to plan and explore plus the build a city: room by room corner (which actually involves glitter and spangly stuff – just because it can!). There will be Lego and there will be Playdough and a chance to win a prize by filling out our questionnnaire and more, so much more, all packed into just two short hours.

So if you’re aged between 13 and 20 yrs COME ALONG

(or if you are reading this and know someone who is – tell them!) Most importantly it’s free to come along and thanks to the imagination and expertise of Tim and James it should be fun.

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