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So we don’t bang on about ALL the great stuff we do, sometimes we just quietly get on and do things, like this project that Charlotte has been working on with ITV Fixers for the past year on ‘ageism’ called ‘What’s In A Number?’ aka the Salisbury Steps project inspired by the various groups of young people that hang around on the Library Steps and the Guildhall Steps and a fairly negative article in the journal about how intimidating young people hanging around in groups can seem to ‘everyone else’

Charlotte is off to Bedford Uni this year to study multi-platform journalism and not only did she meet with leaders of community groups, the community police and representatives of Salisbury City Centre management about this, and blog about it on behalf of The Unit but she wanted to find a fun way to make people challenge their own ‘perceptions’ about age as a whole, when a representative of ITV Fixers walked into The Unit to find out what we were all about the opportunity was seized upon to work with the Fixers Team… the even better news is that this project forms part of Charlottes Gold Arts Award

and yes, Charlotte may well be that girl you see *knitting* on the train up to London every now and again!!


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