Two Horse Race limps on

The UK press amazes me sometimes. Todays results on the AV referendum are really interesting. It is unsuprising that this referendum, held at perhaps one of the worst possible times didn’t effect change. To vote on something which could potentially wreak more damage on our already fragile economy and political landscape was a big ask. Clearly at least 32% of us think there is a need for political reform, that is remarkable. That people should be brave enough to voice this at a time when there is so much fear and uncertainty says something. To me it says we know from past exposure of corruption and greed in politics and all the many broken promises, will never be eradicated whilst our current system of electing parliamentary representatives continues but we are a nation of cautious people with a strong sense of tradition and AV was not a perfect solution. To say people want to keep the first past the post system is ridiculous, what people want is fairness, that is why we have a coalition government, so the Tories couldn’t come into office triumphant and the Labour Party would be punished for plunging us into recession. That is why the Labour party in Wales are talking about working with other parties on matters of mutual interest in the best interests of the people and perhaps why the scottish nationalist party were so successful? I think that many people would rather not have to bother with politics and just get on with things but ever since we saw the enormous spread of commercialism, avarice and voting apathy of the eighties, (accompanied by an education system split asunder) we’ve all come to realise that we really do have to step off the sidelines and muck in. Slowly our disgust with old boys networks, the vicarious greasing of palms and a disconnection of the people in Westminster with the real world turned to distrust and then to … well to where we are now. If anyone is stupid enough to blame a single politician for the mess we are in, or even a single party, then now is the time for them to pull their head out of the sand. No we cant trust our politicians to do it right, self interest will always prevail, power will always corrupt, the old establishment will continue to circumnavigate change. So if you want things to get better, pay attention, question your MP, write letters, send emails, voice your opinion and what ever you do, don’t believe everything you read in the papers or see on the TV, or errrm read in blogs…;0) If things are going to improve we all have to play our part and trust our own instincts, we won’t all agree, but that’s a good thing, that’s what makes the world such an interesting place. Big Society will make politicians of us all, AVor no AV.


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