A right royal wedding

It’s a toughie. Should one support the monarchy? I mean should an accident of birth really entitle a body to wealth, respect and awfully good prospects? You see it’s a difficult question. It’s not so much that I support the monarchy but I do believe we need figure heads and I really believe that anyone involved in politics will never make the perfect figurehead. We are a tiny island, comparitive to the rest of the world (Australia, America, Hawaii even) but we pack a mighty punch and to be frank we are nothing without our symbolism, our history and our monarchy. If we did away with our Monarchy we’d be left with significant footballers (The Beckhams, Wayne Rooney, for example) and TV personalities; Katie Price and Alan Titchmarsh (for another) need I say more? But seriously that’s the kind of national figureheads we’d be left with, altruistic, headline grabbing and not trained from birth to understand a sense of ‘duty’ to the nation. Diana’s boys have done pretty well for themselves and William has made a very big effort (along with key members of the armed forces and royal household) to keep his life grounded, he supports various charities and when I say ‘supports’ I don’t mean in the way you and I might do ie. donating the odd fiver here and there, I mean, he travels about visiting the charity ‘bosses’ and actively involving himself in the fundraising iniatives and planning. Like his dad he is passionate about his causes and to be honest that is a rare trait in the ultra wealthy, who tend to support ‘charity’ largely for tax purposes.

Today, a lot of us witnessed the public broadcasting of a wedding between two young people destined to become international figureheads of our country and our way of life. It was a very lovely wedding, my youngests favourite bit was when the flunkie opened the coach door for the Queen but she decided to get out the other side. Mine was when Prince Phillip had to be pushed into the royal coach when leaving Westminster Abbey, as for me PP represents all that is to ‘dis’ respect about the monarchy whilst the likes of William and Zara Phillips represent hope, that there is a new level of monarchy that is rooted to the people, the reality of Britain and its people.  I was so annoyed by all the hype and incessant lead up, to todays broadcast but couldn’t help but be enchanted by the pure joy of it all. My one sad moment was when the princesses Eugenie and Beatrice arrived looked like the two ugly sisters, and I’m so sorry to  paint that particular comparison but seriously – Fergie, Andrew you need to step up your parenting efforts, those girls need guidance not least in the fashion department. If their choice of dress represented a rebellion against .. god knows what it also represents a cry for help, love and re-assurance. you se for all those of you who scorn the idea of monarchy, remember those two girls and realise that money alone, does not breed happiness and contentment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


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