Belief #pop-upthoughts

Such a force for achievement or destruction, such a small word – ‘belief’.

We have belief systems within world cultures and communities such as the peoples who believed the world was flat or those who believe that each object and being on the earth has a living god within them from the inanimate to the animate. We also have personal belief ‘I believe in/that…’ or at least sometimes we do. Words like faith, self-esteem, confidence, doubt, creep in here and fight against each other for supremacy.

Interesting that we have the notion of ‘blind faith’ but not ‘blind belief’ implying perhaps that belief is built upon choices made and internal thought process, whereas faith is a committment made to something unknown, a trusting that the power of an unknown entity or force will carry one through?

Believing in oneself is widely ‘believed’ to be the key to happiness and success but hold your beliefs too strong and you become blind, carry your beliefs too far and belief becomes an all too blunt instrument. As for those without ‘belief’ – a self proclaimed contentment or a mass of insecurity and fragile stability?

Is belief the glue that when applied sparingly holds us together?

Or is it just a mechanism or chemical triggered/released by the brain to urge us on, keep us moving forward, a veil that shades us from the harsh and sometimes overwhelming prospect of reality; a tool to combat fear, a shield?


Now where, just where did all that come from? Pffifft!?



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