What’s your favourite Christmas Song?

So we’ve got a lot of people to thank this Christmas and thought we should make our own Christmas Cards to send out but it’s November and we just couldn’t come up with anything other than photos of baubles and trees – ugh! how uncreative were we!

However, thanks to the magic of twitter @gingerboyo came to our rescue and got us kickstarted with the idea of visual interpretations of Christmas songs and carols. Like dressing someone up as Santa and picturing them coming into Salisbury for ‘Santa’s coming to town’ for instance. We love you @gingerboyo because then we thought a bit more and decided to produce a range of cards with a ‘Guess the Christmas song’ theme. We’re nothing if not inventive and always up for a challenge.

Now we need your suggestions for your favourite song at Christmas

You can tweet us @_TheUnit or FB us or email us unitspace@googlemail


…and this Saturday we’ll be down at 17 Endless Street putting up our Christmas decs and setting up some shots. If you’ve got a better idea, give us a shout or if you want to come along and help out, pop by from 11am to 3.30pm and if you’ve got some wacky props you could bring along like a lifesized reindeer or ….something, feel free to bring them with you.

Look forward to seeing you and hearing about your favourite Christmas songs

Frosty the Snowman?


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