Happy Birthday Arts Award

Yesterday at the Underglobe saw a vibrant party atmosphere exploding with young people demonstrating their talent and passion. Faz aka Fahaan Aamir Shah opened the event with a taste of his composition Northern Dust followed by his live performance as a violinist and beat boxer to accompany a breathtaking dance performance with Arts Awardees from Artsdepot’s Roots and Wings, Harris Academy, Peckham, Tiger Monkey and Winchmore School. The piece was commissioned to symbolize both the opportunities and the challenge with Arts Award offers. The company formed from scratch worked with Luca Silvestrini, Artistic Director of Protein Dance over three workshops to create the new work. TV presenter Ben Shephard and Eleanor Taylor who is currently taking her Gold award with York Theatre Royal hosted a series of interviews and Martin Stephenson Executive Director of Unitas talked about the success of the Summer Arts Colleges where the Arts Award if a fundamental part of the structure of the programme targeting young people in the youth justice system who are at risk of re-offending. The event also saw the launch of the DVD Arts Award in Action.[[posterous-content:pid___0]] 


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  1. considering Artsmonkey is meant to be home to arts debate, i thought it might be relevant to point out that you have not mentioned the visual aspect of this event, only the performance pieces. I am also a young person who was demonstrating my arts abilities and leadership at this event, providing an interactive space for people to draw and leave their mark. However good your account of this event is, it isn’t complete without every aspect of the arts…

  2. Thank you Phoebe, I enjoyed the UV wall and you will note there was in fact a visual reference to it in the form of a photo on the original posterous blog post http://www.artsmonkey.posterous.com. It wasn’t a review of the event just a brief reflection, a snapshot not a full account to mark the passing of the event. I know it’s disappointing not to be mentioned when you have so wholeheartedly been a part of something but I’m sure there will be some proper press reviews and coverage which will give a more intense flavour of the Arts Award 5th Birthday party and fully acknowledge all participants! Good luck with it all. Best Wishes – Juliet

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