Rosie Peachey

We’ve unearthed some old family photos, thought missing and I discover a new, distant relative, my father’s aunt *Rosie Peachey* that has to be one of the best names. This photo shows Rosie (nee Bullen) marrying Len Peachey in China. It is a bromide print, and the metals in the print are starting to degrade and give it a gunmetal sheen. It seems quite a few family members made it to China for the wedding, it’s obviously from the 1920s but as yet, I don’t know where, Shanghai maybe? I love the buddha statue in the background . It’s a glorious photograph, what a wedding. I think from now on when people ask me on a bright sunny day how I am, I shall reply I’m *Rosy Peachy* it has a sunny, warm sound to it.


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