WHAT GETS YOUR VOTE? sneaky peek pt 1.

So the votes are in, the results have been counted and we now have a winner of our YOU RULE competition, three runners up and a few extra prizes for imagination etc. The youth panel had an anxious time deciding on one clear winner out of the fifty or so entries, it was a tough call and all I can say is democracy lives!! all the entrants were aged between 13 – 19. 

Today we’re featuring some of the Arts & Leisure related entries submitted:

If I were ruler of my postcode for the day I would set up an arts area for the surounding area as there are not enough art related activities around the area. I believe it is an important part of youth and growing up as it is a way of self expression and helps with confidence and other skills.

 If I were ruler of my postcode for the day I would let people know about things going on. There are lots of Arts activities going on around Salisbury, from plays at the Playhouse, to gigs in the City Hall, but not very many people know about them; I think they need to be publicised more, for instance, more fliers for events, at schools.

If I were ruler of my postcode for the day I would change the leisure centre, it is a good way to enjoy the day but after a while it gets boring so why not add a few extra things in the local swimming pool like more slides or at least replace the old one. If there are activities available in there that most children would enjoy then they need to be advertised more, how else are we supposed to know what we could do? If I ruled Salisbury then I would give everyone a say to try and get opinions of all ages, so everyone can have fun!

If I were ruler of my postcode for the day I would make sure all kids have the chance to get free music lessons. I have just passed grade 5 piano and I know how much it costs my Dad to support me in this. I know I’m one of the lucky ones and I know there are loads of kids whose parents can’t afford music lessons. Playing music has helped me in loads of ways and is a great way to let out emotions. I feel great when I perform and winning young performer of the year at my school was a great feeling. 


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