Hung parliament our best bet?

Just got this through from 38 degrees team  – What do you think? It certainly reflects how I feel, that talk of a hung parliament being the worst case scenario is scare-mongering in the extreme and, in fact, it would force politicians to make the changes they promise but never actually achieve as they continually bow to pressure from lobbyists and the old guard. Why would a hung parliament be worse than what we’ve been through recently, corruption, political arrogance, unreliability and disenfranchisement from the voice of the people. You may feel differently of course, read on and see for yourself…

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There are suddenly lots of scare stories in the media about what a hung parliament would mean. The Sun newspaper is warning it’s a “recipe for political corruption and paralysis”. [1] Bankers are claiming it would wreck the economy. [2] Threats like these could bully voters into backing parties they don’t really want to win.

There are some voices in favour of a hung parliament. But the critics have more power and resources, and there’s a risk the scare stories might take root. Lots of 38 Degrees members are suggesting we run a campaign to stand up for our right to decide.

Help decide what we do – should 38 Degrees run a campaign to stand up for the idea of a hung parliament?  Take 30 seconds to vote here:

A hung parliament is where no one party wins the election outright – so parliament is balanced and politicians have to work together. Each of the two main parties want to win, so they’ve got every reason to exaggerate the risks.  But a hung parliament could be our best best for making real changes to how politics works. It would force an end to “them or us”, two-party politics and show politicians of all parties that business as usual isn’t working. It could boost our chances of getting a government that listens.

Polls suggest lots of us would prefer a hung parliament to either a Labour or a Tory win. [3] Many of us feel disappointed with all the options available, and want to see bigger changes to politics. Many believe a hung parliament is a chance to force politicians to accept the need to change.

Do you agree a hung parliament could be a big opportunity to make change happen? Vote here:

There are over 125,000 of us involved in 38 Degrees.  We know that when we work together, we can shift how politics works. By working together before we’ve made sure the Iraq Inquiry is in public, we’ve forced all the parties to accept the need for a recall law, we’ve persuaded the chancellor to tax bankers’ bonuses, and we’ve put BBC bosses on the defensive about cuts to valuable services.  Now, if we want to, we can bust the myths around a hung parliament. Please help decide if we should do this together.

Say what you think in 30 seconds by clicking here:

Thanks for getting involved,

David, Hannah, Johnny, Nina and the 38 Degrees team

P.S. Our debate with the manifesto writers yesterday was brilliant. 38 Degrees members really challenged the politicians to give proper answers, and sent a strong message we won’t settle for spin. Listen to the answers to the questions we chose here:…





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    Very best wishes for your work on the common cause!

  2. To all the above commentors. Blogs can be much better to read if You can keep Your comments simple and to the point. No-one likes to read giant comments when the concept can be conveyed using a not as long comment.

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