Looking back…

An old friend from youth theatre days got in touch via facebook today, she had found this photo of us all back in the seventies. Gavin Stride was the Director (now Director of Farnham Maltings) he’s at the back mucking about like the naughty school boy. The stage management team from Salisbury Playhouse used to come to sessions which, in the summer, consisted of us taking over the de-consecrated church yard in front of the then St. Edmunds Arts Centre (now much more simply, Salisbury Arts Centre) and playing games like British Bulldog ad just having fun. I’m the one drawing or writing something (I honestly can’t remember what – early blogging maybe?). Also in this photo Suzanne Sylvester (Actress), Tony Bunsee (Actor), Tim Treslove (Actor), Catherine Hatcher (CSM/Production), Pippa (Stage Man/Production) and one very cute dog (stage management). Happy days.


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