Yesterday we officially launched ‘The Unit’ a youth promotions project set up by Firestarter Arts and run by volunteer young people.

For just over a week two illustration artists Nich Angell and Stew Taylor, who specialise in *comix art* have been transforming our once empty corner retail unit into a space with original wall art – it has given the unit space, eye catching focus and created a buzz as they worked on it every day ‘after hours’. We all loved watching them work, on the night beforwe the launch when NIch and Stew were working til the wee small hours of Saturday morning they even had some lads who had been driving past for an hour or so stop to tell them how amazing it had been to see them work and how they’d never seen anything like it and wanted to know more about the style of their work etc.

We look forward to them working with us again on a 24 hour challenge to create a comic book. Apparently, this is not considered to be real art by some! I’m amazed, as it seemed to demand a fair degree of skill and knowledge to me especially when you see how well they worked together. What do you think?

You can see more of their work here and and make your own minds up


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