Are we nearly there yet?

2010 Began with us all trying to 'sort things out' Whilst Kieth, Ruth & Ian battled to get the technology up and running – telephone line, TV screen and the macs, the youth committee had a great time thinking about their SOTM's (see for more info) There was a Haiti fundraiser to help with, the badge making machine to play with and plans for the launch to be hatched. South Wiltshire Economic Partnership asked if we'd like to work with them and 'Ruler of your own Postcode' was born. The website was begun and will be ready tomorrow (sorry if you've tried to visit it today already – my aren't you keen!)  I've avoided mentioning the paperwork, the hoops, the legal stuff, the Spacecadet (that's what it said on their business card) and a ton of other things that had to be done to get us this far but here we are – ready to get started… watch this space!

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