People I follow are abroad.
How weird does that sound, I mean that thanks to the joys of social media I am able to share peoples adventures overseas. As i write i am listening to this which may explain the surrealist nature of this post.  
Theatre Director, Marcus Romer has been having a profound experience in Buenos Aires – quite literally  Theatre can do that to a person, take away their sense of normal and replace it with a 'Kafa-esque dimensional fourth wall' reality (there you go – proof! I can't even talk about it in a rational way! Apparently Buenos Aires can have that effect on people). The cognitive responses in Marcus Romers brain have been firing off left, right and centre resulting in some deep and reflective posts as a result of being in a strange place, with very few familiar markers to anchor to.
Meanwhile, Social Media Artist Lloyd Davis has Tuttled off to Texas with social media colleagues Brain Condon and Heather Taylor. Lloyd has played his Ukelele in a gated community for senior citzens, made it to NOLA, made new friends, enjoyed a cultural explosion of new experiences and journeyed on trains, planes and automobiles… I was at Drama school with Lloyd, one of our lowest moments was having to perform for our final showcase, a little known number (and for good reason in my opinion) called *Big D* (yes that's Big 'D', little 'a', double 'l', 'a'..) with the memorable refrain "Oil, oil, oil, Dallas, Dallas, Dallas…" I am relieved that his travels wont take him that far.
Via, video, audio boos, live streaming (which really was weird) I get to share moments from these journeys, that's great isn't it? My horizons are expanded beyond my financial, professional and domestic capabilities via virtual connections, akin to reading a good book, or watching a good film I am being nudged and transported out of my familiar territory to taste the larger world. I feel lucky and invigourated having done so. It certainly puts my travels to Oxford and Woking this week into humble perspective.


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2 thoughts on “Travelling”

  1. Isn’t it wonderful that we’re able to connect so easily to people who otherwise we would never have been able to meet? It’s amazing that I’m able to chat to friends and share in experiences across the whole world even if I’ve not yet met them or been there.

    However I wonder whether it’s a blessing or a curse that we have the technology to be able to express such things as adventures or scenes to other people. A lot of art was created in order to express things that couldn’t be communicated. I worry that with every twitpic I take and upload, I’m killing a song or a painting that could have been done instead.

  2. I know what you mean Graeme but Art lives in the now, is of the moment or the day, it’s a living action that has lasting impact – like your music!!!

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