Walked the dog this morning and had great pleasure in cracking ice on puddles along Green Lane (every urban village has a green lane don't they?) It was a refreshing anti-dote to our ongoing but *Broken politics* debate in the media. Politicians can I just point out that it doesn't matter what party you represent, we still don't trust you. A lot of us really don't think you should be taking any form of pay rise just now and we're wrestling with how we can use our vote to get people into parliament who are reliable, trustworthy and will handle the obvious temptations and corrupting influences of power.

It's not about PARTY any more it's about PEOPLE – it always should have been but somehow we've drifted. As ordinary people and citizens of this country to lead our daily lives without falling foul of laws both local and national, we are expected to have a grasp of the law akin to the knowledge of a junior solicitor. We are told we must be responsible for our own health and actions but you the government and politicians have failed to protect us from the pervasive power of FOOD barons (OBESITY) ALCOHOL barons (extension of licensing laws) and DEVELOPMENT barons… I could go on but in your guilty hearts you know exactly what I mean. You continue to allow appalling mass building projects such as housing estates where you fail to ensure schools and local shops are built as part of the package, where gardens are the size of hanker-chiefs and you allow giant industrial shed building projects that encourage the use of supertankers transporting processed food and mass produced items from one end of our country to another and then tell us that if we didn't want superstores we wouldn't shop in them – of course we will, it's convenient, and we're tired and poor and don't have the quality of life, or headspace to generate a sense of well being that would help us to make better decisions and empower our own life choices. Anyway, back to breaking the ice….


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