Do you mind if I ask you…?

So for me, 2010 is going to be all about good things; good practise, good people, good will, good… well you get the picture I’m sure. But here’s maybe where you come in? I’m assuming if you’re reading this you have an interest in the Arts and Creativity, you may well work in one of the top ten creative industries, you may be a student of the arts, a creative, a director, a musician, an artist, a dancer, a teacher, a writer, a blogger…

This year in association with Creativity4Health ( I’m compiling a *Creativity Cook Book* aimed at inspiring and encouraging people (in particular foster carers) to spend time on creative activity with their children and I really need your stories;

what is the one creative activity you love to do with your own children or those you work with? If you are a creative what is your favourite creative activity or exercise that you use for yourself or your work?

I’d like to know

who you are, what you do, whats your favourite creative ‘thing’ why you do it and why you love it.

From the complex to the simple, from a singing exercise to reading a book using funny voices – anything creative goes and hopefully using a recipe format we will be able to create a free, useful, fantastic and inspirational resource especially for those wonderful but busy and time-stretched people who have big hearts, open houses but not enough hours in the day and need both resources and inspiration.

Soon I hope to have a downloadable template up but I’m anxious not to crush your creative approach to contributing. In the meantime and if like me you’re thinking – yes I can do this! but the reality is, if you don’t do it now you never will, then please email me while the thought is still brewing.

We need your know-how, your expertise, your inspiration, for you to share with us just one story, just one inspirational activity or idea/exercise and coming from you it will mean so much more and have much more meaning.

Hope you can help?

Many, many thanks in advance Jx


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