A passion for stories…

My six year old has discovered the joys of book making she has written several since she also discovered junk modelling after a craft afternoon at school. Our house is now littered with all manner of strange objects and looks like a Blue Peter 'set' from the seventies complete with sticky back plastic and cut out cereal boxes.
Today she wrote her own version of Sleeping Beauty, phonetically. It made me smile  here's an extract:
Log bog ago there livd a Kign an qween thy had a baby dortr thy namd it arora
Thy were so happy thy had a party
Thy invitd thy whol kingdom
The day came, evreething was ready
The pepol came and the 12 firys
The bad firy stompt in
I did not get an invitashon and I have a gif for the Prinses
She will prik her finger on a singer weeyl and die
Then she stomt out the room
The qween crid  'oh no what are we going to do'
I dont know seid the King go and birn evree singing weel in the villg…


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