Just keep Dancing

I have been reminded recently of the importance of  *dancing* figuratively, metaphorically, literally any which way you roll.  I was at the funeral of ‘Roz Hope’ the inimitable mother of an old friend and never a more upbeat, positive, moving occasion have I been a part of. The over-riding theme being to live life, it will be full of obstacles, mountains to be overcome, gone around or conquered but LIVE your LIFE don’t wait for it to come to you, get out there meet people, talk to them, befriend them, find out about them and live your life. Whatever is thrown at you, hits you full on in the face, knocks you sideways – try to keep dancing.

To send off Roz we sang ‘One’ from a Chorus Line and ‘Life is a cabaret’ from Cabaret and it was neither embarrassing or trite, it was genuinely happy and comfortable, we laughed and some of us dripped tears and sobbed a little and we all hugged a lot. Hats off to you Roz and welcome to the Rosemary Hope Scholarship to give one young person the opportunity to  realise their dream of becoming a professional performer – so they can blossom for a lifetime.


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