Who’s your Muse?

Who inspired you to do something? Who inspires you to do what you’re doing? Who’s your Muse and why? Give it some thought.

I’ve been reading Lloyd Davis’s ‘Tuttle Report’ social media meet-up/network/idea’s factory which is transforming how people work, create and instigate business partnerships and ventures via the framework of social media. The Tuttle Report is an open and frank revisit of how Tuttle began from meetings in a church hall to a room above a pub to Friday meet-ups at the ICA and a venture that is growing and travelling overseas and across the country. Which started me thinking about people who motivate others, who give them that push to move ideas off the paper and into being. Artists often speak of their ‘muse’ and it’s often not a person but an intangible spirit of creativity, although it might have been a teacher, a loved one, a friend who got them going? It may have been a stranger, someone met in passing, an author of a book? In mythology there were three then eventually nine Muses. There is often more than one person who inspires us although we tend to simplify it down to one.

I get inspired by all kinds of people that I come across both virtually and in reality. Recently I came across Eyton J. Shalom’s site on Tumblr http://www.tumblr.com his site is ‘Mangos by Telepathy’ which is a feast of beautiful poetry that is so descriptive that when he mentions rain you can almost hear it falling on some imaginary tin roof above you. He also features gorgeous photos and images. I’ve had some brief conversations with Eyton via facebook and discover he lives in America on the edge of a desert,  was a monk and has a sister living in the Lake District. We talked about the act of writing poetry and baring your innermost soul to strangers by posting your work on the internet. A new Muse?

I ‘follow’ artist and maker Dan Thompson on Twitter. Dan is based in Worthing and buzzes around organising events and workshops and keeping Worthing on the creative ‘front foot’.  He has been experimenting with the ’empty shops movement’. I have no doubt Dan motivates and inspires others you can check out some of his activity here at Artists and Makers, you could even join the movement.

Do you have a Muse? I’d like to hear about it. No really I would. I’m interested in what makes us such a rich and diverse world, what drives our culture our art our ability to achieve such amazing feats in all things, not just art. Why not give them a virtual handshake and shout them out on twitter using the  hashtag #MyMuse or leave a comment here. Who’s your Muse…?


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