Music, Media and Mad March Scare Stories


So March is almost over, Easter looms and there are murmurings in the ‘Arts ether’ of more changes to the Arts Council which, should they prove to be true remove any ‘legs’ ACE has left with which to run. Will they really merge the East region with the South East, will ACE development officers be replaced by more ‘generic’ advice assistants? It’s anyone guess, as the likelihood of any open consultation is nil if past broadsweeping and arguably devastating changes to the Councils infrastructure are to go by. Or is it just a mad march scare story? Should we re-devolve the care of arts development to Local Authorities? Re-instate County Drama Advisers? Would we miss ACE if it shrank beyond all recognition? So much uncertainty on the horizon, so many questions.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying new found friendships via twitter:

Adam Clavering aka @ourschoolrocks is a music industry officionado who is keen to put something back after his many years in the business.

Our School Rocks is launching in June 2009 and is a pioneering, vocational training Academy, that harnesses the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial skills demonstrated by participants and creates talented music industry executives, well versed and ready to undertake future challenges.

Interns will garner real time vocational skills, working with a diverse, well profiled selection of artists that are affiliated with the project, all of whom are making a successful career in music themselves.  No theoretical exercises. No artificial scenarios. We deliver genuine, commercial music industry business experience!

‘Our School Rocks’ stimulates career signposts in the potent Music, Creative and Media industries, a passion which so many young people develop for music right through in to their working life.

During their time at OSR our young people work towards a Gold Arts Award, which is delivered in conjunction with a professionally designed, well rounded, music industry structured programme. You can check out more details here .

I’m also enjoying conversations with emerging South Wales based illustrator/artist Dwayne Wyatt aka @theboywyatt whose work is direct and funny. In particular his Haiku’s, for example my current favourite:


Valleys spray tan booth.

Only two tones on offer,

Golden and extreme.


I am particularly indebted to him for a special edition of his proto-type design for ‘Celebrity Obsession Tees’. I am the proud owner of a virtual ‘I heart Daniel Craig’ one [see photo]. Once he’s got round the problem of putting masking tape through the washing machine I just know everyone is going to want a real one! You can find him here on Tumblr for more of his work, thoughts and observations


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  1. Been reading your blog now for quite some time and really like it. I don’t know if it’s your style or not , but do you think you could perhaps do a post on the oil spill in the gulf?

    I love your thoughts and opinions, and would love to see your comments on this tragedy.

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