What Would Dad Say?


Social media is a wonderful thing. The lovely G.L. Hoffman from What Would Dad Say dot com invited me to ‘share the podium’ on his blog. I took some convincing and all credit to his charm and tenacity that eventually I summoned up the courage to dip my toe in the water, producing Sunscreen and DNA, the fruits of which you can view here. In fact please do and do leave a comment I sometimes get fed up talking to myself but if for no other reason than to view the you tube link for ‘Everybody’s Free [to wear sunscreen]’ – fan-tas-tic!

As an Arts  freelancer, I was particularly taken by Dave Sniadaks vlog on ‘Complacency Disorder’ on WWDS.  How fabulously transatlantic the experience has been, quite inspirational and I now have lots of US connections, filling my head with new perspectives, new vistas and new interests to ponder. There is something very pleasant about broadening your horizons, it’s one of the joys of social media and it’s not shallow and it’s not entirely virtual because some very real debate and conversation spring out from it.


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