Finding your smile


March. Financial year end? Work starting to pile up after the winter downturn? Looking forward to a holiday? Dreaming of sun, sea and sand? Feeling all credit crunched and hunched up? Time for a comedy workshop maybe, or a residential, a nice weekend break.

A cheaper equivalent could be to stay at home, turn off the computer and the television, for at leat 24 hours. We are under siege from technology; it’s on the buses, in cars, on streets, shops, in our places of work. Whilst the winter weather has stormed around us we’ve been buddying up to it and now it’s time to look outwards again. Lift your head from the screen and take a look outside, put some music on that you haven’t played in years, talk to your colleagues find out something about them you didn’t know, when you feel irritable take a deep breath and let it go, let the sunshine back in. Herald in the spring by consciously smiling to at least four people today.

Yesterday I rediscovered my smile, on the way to London when someone on the train made me laugh and the rail steward worked his way along the carriage smiling at everyone like they were all old friends, when i arrived for my meeting it was big hugs all round and today I’m still walking with a spring in my step. Now I’ve got my smile back, I resolve to stop frowning at technology, walk away from it more often so I can share a smile or two with real people. It’s better value than wrinkle cream and much more interesting.


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