Don’t be surprised

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Surprise is a wonderful thing. Lot’s of surprises in the Arts this month, from organisations that have been forced into sudden and often dramatic closure as  funding sources dry up, to new work appearing on the horizon.

This week Anthony Gormley announced and launched (nation-wide) his latest Public Art – Fourth Plinth project ( You can volunteer on this site, to be part of it by standing for an hour on a plinth in Trafalgar Square whilst being watched and photographed and filmed, better than than the X-Factor methinks!

BBC South are developing ‘Secret Stories’ which aims to capture stories and text from people across the South and project bits of it on the side of Salisbury Cathedral on April 23rd which makes me wonder if perhaps the BBC really are getting behind Culture and giving it a boost. Just maybe. Secret Stories involves talking to real people across the South and not just snooping about on Twitter, so prepare to be surprised.


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