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#7 things: I was tagged by “@sniffyjenkins” on twitter so here is my ‘seven things you wouldn’t know about me’. I was tempted to be funny but then I started reading other entries in this ‘twitter tag’ meme and I realise how open and honest other people in the ‘social media’ community have been about revealing seven things about themselves. So, I’m aspiring to that honesty in what follows.


Despite having given up my career as an actor, which involved offering any gift/s in that direction up to God for someone else more deserving to use and then, quite successfully not missing that part of my career line for several years I met actor Jason Hughes in a new line of work (lovely, lovely man – seminal moment) and listened to him talking about acting and his passion for his work back in 2007. Then, I walked along Brighton Pier and had to a. acknowledge a need to throw myself off and b. a recognition of the fact it hadn’t gone away, it was just hiding somewhere. So, yes I do still want to act but preferably in a film or TV series in a part worth having (i.e. not big on lines just big on character impact) or in theatre, but boy it would have to be a good part to go there again! and I am wise enough and old enough to know I wouldn’t cast me in any such part. Damn Joseph Heller for writing ‘catch 22’ before I was old enough to do such a thing.


After all these years and an eclectic but interesting CV I still don’t know what I’m good at. I honestly have no idea. When I read job applications, whether I would be a good candidate or not and despite the self improvement books and the nudges by friends and colleagues I have absolutely no idea where my strengths lie – seriously. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT MY PATH IS – honestly, I just don’t. I can see very clearly the strengths of others, I just have a blank spot when it comes to me. Possibly due to a childhood spent ‘observing’ watching, listening to but not fully engaging with the world around me.


I have a real problem with authority, in as much as I find it really hard to respect someone by nature of their status, job title, position or authority. I respect people who prove themselves caring, sensitive, capable, able, hard-working, empathic, good at what they do … otherwise I have a problem and am not able to accept something just because someone says it is so – BIG SIGH. It possibly stems from the birth of my sister, who was born physically and medically handicapped and my mother’s constant questioning of the accepted wisdom i.e. who says she won’t live past the age of six? Why can’t she go to school, just because she can’t talk? ETC. I am always looking for the subtext, the other side of the coin.


Ooh, now I’m struggling. Umm, as a teenager of the seventies, whilst all my friends were pinning up posters on their bedroom walls and opting for a favourite band/football team/player/popstar/pony or other, I simply didn’t get it – worshipping one person/thing over another ????  HERO WORSHIP is an alien concept to me. I’ve worked on it over the years and Facebook helped – suscribing to groups, causes and the like. Is this the point where I confess I cried when Warwick died in CSI (finally! after such a long laborious teaser campaign). I genuinely enjoy my twitter and blogger acquaintances and their work @GLHoffman is truly ‘father-like’ ex-fellow student @LloydDavis intreagues me still, @sqoo and @sniffyjenkins make me laugh AND I do now have favourite TV programmes, colours and foods – which is a huge leap forward AND I do go slightly weak at the knees to the point of needing a wheelchair, when watching a film with Daniel Craig in it – which leads me to no. 5…


I do harbour a secret passion but hey, I don’t know you and I’m so not telling you here in public on the internet – mind your own!! Otherwise it wouldn’t be secret for goodness sake.


I harbour a public passion for something that I can’t put a name to. I am drawn to things involving theatre, writing, stories, visual  intreague, film, music…creativity… there’s a list, it’s what feeds me and I can admire others who are recognised for it but not put my finger on why I’m drawn to it. Before I die I’d like to see one of my scripts produced, direct a play, produce a film, star in a great TV series (not too many lines – mysterious, charismatic, soft – focus!! you get the picture) but the pragmatist in me isn’t going to hold their breath.


Despite appearances, I am not middle class. I pull it off, exceptionally well but my bank balance, morals, ethics, politics and raison d’etre show me up as thorough bred ‘working class’ despite the man outside the Komedia in Brighton addressing me as ‘Marks & Spencer lady’ (on that day he was acutely observant – but clothes maketh not the man/woman). Which is strange because I don’t recognise class or creed or  race, straight off the bat in others: person first, outward presentation later.

Have I mentioned my passion for Wales, Brighton, Scotland and Southern Ireland? NO, oh well too late. That’s it my top #7 things about me… or at least the things the control freak in me is prepared to tell you about… over to you now.


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  1. Lovely, lovely post. I don’t know you at all but 1 thing I can instantly see you’re good at is taking gorgeous photos. So there.

    Don’t know if you actually live in Brighton, but if you’re ever around gis a shout and we’ll go for a frosty stroll on the pier; I live 5 minutes away & haven’t been on it in years.

  2. Thanks Sniffyjenks. I love taking pics – have proved a great ‘aide memoir’ to good times over the years. When I’m next in Brighton I’ll give you a shout – always up for a stroll!

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