2008 end of


So another year is at it’s close and in it’s final throes.


For me 2008 will be the year of  the inside view on the making of TV programmes through which I realised something about todays television – the writers, lead actors, producers and directors enthuse and extoll the virtues of the complex shots, how beautiful, how problematic they were but don’t realise how little we appreciate all their efforts. 17 takes in as many hours of the day – when it’s all boiled down to a one second glimpse in a half hour episode and all that back story, preparation and expensive gloss is wasted on us the audience. Roll on some good TV which doesn’t pander to the gaming generation.

2008 was also the year for new discoveries and adventures in social media and catching up with old friends from a distant past who brought good memories with them. Uncertainty, reflection, and good news see out 2008. I look forward to a new year and new horizons and let’s hope the new Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’ is a woman at last.



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