Dec 20

It’s the ‘office party’ time of year. I should know, having been kept awake by the sound of my partner vomiting in the wee small hours last night. Considering his alter ego is ‘Cast Iron Stomach- Man’ that says something!  Mind you he’s moved work departments twice in as many months recently, so he probably deserved to unwind a little (although he maintains it must have been a ‘dodgy Pizza’ – right, and I’m Santa Claus).

In search of more festive thoughts I happened on some singing monks and their rather ‘hip’ rendition of ‘Fields of Gold’ on Twitter thanks to Transitenator Check it out, you too can become a DJ if that’s what lights your tree.

I’ve been thinking about ghost stories here’s one for tech geeks from (click here) .Perhaps not suprisingly one of the most popular ghost stories at this time of year (maybe for all times of year) is Charles Dicken’s classic ‘A Christmas Carol’ Full text of which is available across the world wide web. I’m partial to the Muppet version but do have a prized copy on my bookshelves, embosed in gold leaf and with beautiful engraved illustrations, it’s tatty on the outside and the print on the inside is small and the lines are close together but it’s still more exciting to read from than my orange paperback penguin version. It even smells like a ghost story when you take it off the shelf.

If you’re looking for ghostly inspiration for the long, winter nights then you could visit screenonline’s page of ghostly televisual offerings.

Well, I’m off to find the rubber gloves ready for a Christmas house-clean, starting in the ensuite which has been a no-go area since about 2pm this morning!

Happy Holidays, one and all x


In the HIGHLY UNLIKELY event of this blog being read by any children, Artsmonkey would like to state that she is absolutely NOT Santa Claus – she apologises for any confusion, she was being ‘ironic’. What’s ironic? Google ‘irony’ for more info)


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