Dec 18


It’s snowing on WordPress, not very well but at least it’s snowing. Last night we had a power cut and were plunged in to a deep dark that had us trying to remember where the matches were. My daughter came to the rescue by using her mac book as a torch and all was well. Our neighbours ‘lady friend’ is prone to panic and calls the Police if she can’t get through to him on the phone. So he arrived on the doorstep in the chaos of candle hunting, phone ringing and the dog barking, to ask if we’d call her on our mobile and relay the message that he had water, food, candles, torch, blankets and was generally okay to sit out the power cut until probably January. In any case there’s a Policeman down the road, which is handy because some less than neighbourly neighbour obviously realised they needed fuel for their emergency heater and vandalised our car trying to steal some of ours.

Oddly, the nightlights we lit and stuck in lanterns reminded me more of Christmas than the all the flashing LED lights in people’s windows and gardens this year. I even discovered my husband trying to explain about the power cuts of the seventies to our ‘scared and slightly excited’  five-year old and we had a brief reminiscence on the Miner’s strikes and the sugar shortage of our childhood before the lights blazed on, only to cut out ten minutes later just as we were blowing all the candles out.


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