Dec 12


One way or another, we are all ‘up against it’;  financially, mentally, in whatever way that I’m sure we all are – stuck  in that polarising tunnel of time that takes us from the edge of autumn up to Christmas and beaches us on January’s shore’s searching for signs of Spring.

The chatter on the airwaves is all about money, finance, bail-outs, bank-ins, instability…. the smatter of Christmas articles and tunes jarring against this tide of greyness. The seasoned ‘change activists’ are muttering in the background, “now is the time” for change, reform. In the small ex-feudal island of Sark they have voted for Democracy, but intend only a slow pace of change. The Twitterers are tweeting about the power of  ‘social media’ as the new market place, the hot new contender for holy grail status and the  arts world is demanding that culture be given its due, that every man, woman and child have the right of access to culture, more time spent on creativity in schools, more access to arts provision – culture is key to surviving a tough economy.

Well – music, panto and fun with glitter certainly make me feel better at Christmas and there is something rather lovely about coming into a town or city to see the centre lit up with Christmas lights or discovering a Christmas market full of arts and crafts on sale (and the odd glass of gluhvein and cinnamon biscuits). Or a choir singing on the town hall steps, nativity pictures in the local paper, a sprig of holly and a bunch of mistletoe in the pub.

What’s important to you? What matters most, probably neither social media or culture when it comes down to it, far more likely to be happiness or security. If you could help stem the tide of ‘bad news’, if your one action could make a difference what would it be? A phone call or e-mail, a smile, a donation? A work of Art? Five minutes of listening? A different route home, a re-write, a re-think? If you could do just one thing to contribute to a global ‘uplift’ what would it be? A mexican wave for positive change?

We are all listening, waiting, trying to get on with the days, with life, with the business of the Christmas count-down, blinkering ourselves in case we slip up, which is so easy to do in this climate. Like the supply teacher who recently told her class of primary school children that Father Christmas doesn’t exist.

Whatever you do between now and Christmas don’t take the magic away, hold on to the promise of magic that Christmas brings and if you don’t believe in magic then buy a pot of glitter and sprinkle it about a bit – metaphorically or otherwise.