Dec 10


Off to see ‘The Wriggly Nativity’ featuring those acclaimed and memorable lyrics “Wrig-el-lee  Nah-tiv-it-tee… etc” Can’t wait to find out how some inventive person managed to link worms to the the birth of Jesus. Will there be Angels, Donkeys, Sheep, Kings, Mary, Joseph and a doll in swaddling (sheet wrapped round it)? Watch this space.

Post Script:

Sadly no worms but much wriggling! Comfortingly lots of tea-towels on heads, some muddy Cows, a handful of Sheep and Shepherds sporting fine moustaches and goatee beards. Also, a weary Donkey with a punky hairdo, a conglomoration of Kings, Angels in white sheets and tinsel, some very glamourous Stars who quite rightly stole the show and YES! a swaddled doll held in the traditional precarious and inappropriate manner by Mary and Joseph.

Plus guest appearance from reception class with jingly bells and nice mouthing of the words for the verse part of  the song AND gabbled narration and nose-picking. NOW I’m starting to feel excited about Christmas, you really can’t beat a traditional nativity with a bit of wriggling thrown in, to get you in the Christmas spirit.


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