Seasonal worry disorder


This morning the lady over the road, who has come over to the UK to give birth, has gone in to the hospital for a caesarian. On a small back road a car skidded on black ice and ended up on its roof. Yesterday the empty school bus skidded round a bend and into a car, anti freeze seeping across the road like blood, no-one was hurt (apart, I suspect, from the lady in hospital having a baby – ouch!).
It’s December, it’s nearly Christmas, none of the Christmas music releases have me feeling particularly festive, I’m worried about money, about the ironing, about life. It’s a time to be grateful for small mercies but the bigger picture keeps overshadowing the positives. Perhaps, I’ll see three kings following a star, maybe I’ll look up at the night sky and see an Angel… come to think of it Venus and Jupiter have been glowing unusually bright recently, is it a sign?
Will I be walking the dog and come across a lowly stable, with donkey and shepherds watching over the birth of an infant? Anythings possible if you believe it strongly enough.


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