Pastoral 01

When will you come to take me dancing. The band are driving their van along the lanes, the village hall is unlocked. A musty smell of old floor polish and damp, remains.

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International Women’s Day 2018

I have been reflecting on Multitude of Voyce’s second service for International Women’s Day in association with St. Thomas’s Church last week. I am grateful for the trust of the Rector, Kelvin Inglis and his ministry team and also the wider support of Salisbury Diocese and Sarum College. The commitment and gifts of two local […]

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Walk With Me 06

We’ll take the steep sunken lane that curves around the Coombe, the long wooden lane that passes the farm and cottages and stretches up towards the steel blue skyline. Let’s walk along the hollow to Elliots Shed and the Cross Dyke turning into the wide chalk byway to Win Green. The henged clump, sacred high […]

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